Cloud-based ERP vs Web-based ERP. What are the key differences?

Cloud based ERP

Differences Between Cloud-Based ERP and Web-Based ERP: What You Need to Know Enterprise Resource Planning systems make business operations more integrated by planning and allocating resources into one centralised place. It also streamlines operations and makes businesses more responsive towards the likeness and needs of the customers. Over the years, cloud-based ERP and web-based ERP…

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The future of furniture distribution with Odoo ERP


FUNCTIONS OF FURNITURE DISTRIBUTION WITH ODOO ERP Odoo ERP is a software that is fully integrated, customisable, open-source software packed with hundreds of expertly designed business applications for various industries. The software meets the companies’ needs regardless of their budget and size. The furniture industry revolves around a wide range of activities such as designing,…

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Managing Your Inventory with odoo ERP

Odoo ERP

Good control and inventory management are some of the most crucial aspects for smooth operation and success in any organisation that deals with manufacturing, storage and distribution. In this age of technology, organisations are moving from manual systems that make management of inventory difficult. The new and are moving to specialised software that streamlines the…

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