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Why choose Odoo?

Are you currently managing multiple software solutions that don't talk to one and another? Finding yourself inputting the same data more than once with a lack of overview?

The Odoo platform seeks to cover the entire business spectrum, including crucial business areas like sales, project management, retainer management and customer relationship management. Odoo brings your business operations under one platform cutting down manual labour and automating your business processes.

Another benefit of Odoo is how the system promotes collaborative working. When operations are streamlined and integrated, your staff can easily share information and track things like project progress, whilst managers can achieve an instant overview of business operations.

Automation is key to Odoo. With its cloud-based tools, your business can automate processes like invoice generation, reduce the risk of human error, and allow staff to be deployed more effectively and productively.

With its modern and user-friendly design, Odoo has unparalleled usability, and with its regular annual releases, Odoo is always one step ahead of any other solution.

Odoo Silver Partner

Odoo Specialists.

As a Certified Odoo Silver UK Partner, we can ensure your business fully utilises the Odoo platform. Installation of their many tools needs expertise; therefore, finding the right Odoo UK partner is essential. We implement Odoo solutions using our expert knowledge of the system and then liaise with our clients to ensure the system is used to its best ability. Not every business needs the same set of tools, and this is where Odoo's customisation comes into its own, offering your business a flexible approach.

We enjoy using and recommending Odoo for many reasons, one of the foremost being Odoo's unique approach to delivering business infrastructure. Odoo offers businesses flexibility and the option to scale up.

Using our skilled project management process, we can make a real difference to your business acuteness and profitability. Our approach uses a tiered implementation process to guide you through key tasks and milestones to deliver an effective, fast-track, low-cost implementation.

Manage your business processes under one system, making every step more manageable. Odoo's easily adaptable software allows you to integrate applications like CRM. Odoo emphasises customer interactions, offering a flexible way to manage every contact between staff and customers.

What Our Clients Say

If you're looking for someone to recommend, design and develop a bespoke software solution for your business we could not rate Flowbird Ltd more highly. It's a very big commitment and investment for a business that needs to depend on the solution as their "engine". From the initial meeting, the team took considerable time to understand our process inside out before deciding which of their platforms was going to be most suitable for our business. Not just for now, but one that will stand to offer even more when my business continues to expand with the ability to add modules from all other areas of general business. In our case, Flowbird's decision to recommend one of their products, Odoo, was absolutely spot on. Not only has it been a pleasure working with exceptionally knowledgeable and talented software developers, but there has not been one single instance where I have doubted their decision on Odoo. Everything we have put to them has been possible, there has not been one compromise of how we want to run our business. I'm truly excited for our company to start using this platform and look forward to adding more modules as and when we need them. I'm that happy to recommend you can call me at the company to discuss.

Thanks, Jason & Team. James Davey - Co-Owner Precision Golf Ltd

Precision golf

The Apps - Manage Your Entire Business Under One Platform

Odoo CRM


Odoo sales app


Odoo Project

Project management

Odoo HR

Time Tracking

Odoo accountant


Odoo helpdesk


Odoo offers you an app for every business need

Above is just a snapshot of the apps available that integrate with Odoo, creating a fully customisable business solution.

The app store offers millions of apps to help you boost your sales, streamline your business operations, build stunning websites, integrate your services and many more.


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